Our Services

We provide a range of services which help businesses to grow

We provide a range of services which help businesses to grow by leveraging data, emerging technologies and marketing backed by a team of talented professionals who use an agile approach to achieve excellence through creative problem-solving.

Our creative solutions are always based on the end user and tailored for their needs. From Website & Mobile App development to next-generation emerging/disruptive technologies and integrated systems, Ceyleon Solutions has got you covered.

Mobile App Development

Your customers are on the move and want a responsive digital experience on whatever device they choose. Many people can be put off from developing an app because they think they don’t have the budget and it will be too expensive. As a company, we work seamlessly with you to bring your app ideas to life for clients of all sizes.

We create elegant apps for iOS and Android that may be used as standalone solutions or with API-based connections with online / cloud services. We have expertise in deploying applications effortlessly connecting with centralized databases.

IT Consultancy

Ceyleon conducts IT & digital strategy workshops, and thorough audits, analysis and reporting to allow you to make evidence-based decisions about your organisation’s long term digital ambitions. We offer a clear, focused and robust consultancy solutions for your digital transformation goals by reinventing business processes with the aid of technology.

We provide the necessary expertise you need to make more informed decisions on technology investments to ensure you get the best ROI you are looking for while saving you a fortune.

IOT & Blockchain Development

IOT & Blockchain technology came out as the new door for different industries to enter a new age of tech-driven transactions where everything is decentralized. Whether it is a Smart Contract or Cryptocurrencies development you need, we are the best chance to get a custom development solution.

Product Design

As a company, we use design-thinking to uncover and validate new opportunities to create innovative new products and gain a competitive advantage. By aligning products with other business functions, we aim to provide you with efficient, dynamic digital experiences to enhance your business model.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing enables businesses to attract prospects through a set of channels, convert those prospects to leads and turn those leads into returning online customers. Attracting and converting users and customers is crucial in any form of business. We help you to develop fully integrated digital marketing strategies to transform qualified leads into loyal customers. We use a range of tools to help your business grow in lined with well performed market research to maximize the performance. By working with Ceyleon, you’ll be enabling your business to find new clients and achieve rapid organisational growth through your digital channels. Using a multi-channel approach, we are able to balance and integrate your digital campaigns with other initiatives you run to enable the strongest possible marketing funnel across your digital channels.

Services we offer :

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
  • Display/Programmatic/Native Ads
  • Email Automation

Web Design & Development

Driven by data and a detailed understanding of your users, we design websites and brands which have the power to transform your business. The visual aesthetic and usability of a website is governed by its web design. Through the use of color, images, typography and layout, web design brings forth a wholesome digital experience to life.

Moreover, making it easy for customers to buy your products is a science, and we apply this science to crafting beautiful interfaces and platforms to allow for a streamlined, optimised buying experience and maximise your revenue. From conception and strategy to design and implementation, we build and host premium websites providing for an intuitive user experience, specifically addressed to your business needs.