Project Info

Being a leading mobile app solutions provider in UK & Sri Lanka, Ceyleon launched the world’s first on demand job app “SpareTime” for SpareTime Global Ltd along with the corporate website, building an ecosphere of service providers and users using two apps named SpareTime User & SpareTime Provider. This app helps anyone to search for people providing domestic, official or personal services or anyone can earn an extra income by providing a wide range of services.

Project Info

SpareTime User®

Are you looking to outsource services, or do you need help with tutoring, decorating your home, plumbing or car washing? Then SpareTime is here to help, as this is the ideal app to access to all the services and benefits you need in a creative and powerful manner.

SpareTime Provider®

Being able to make money through an app has never been easier. With help from the SpareTime provider, you can register yourself as a service provider, and then people are able to contact you directly. All you have to do is to register as a service provider and that’s it.

SpareTime MarketPlace®

This platform is accessed through the SpareTime User App. SpareTime Marketplace helps children and adults to have the opportunity to showcase their crafts, creations, drawings, etc. and earn some income from selling them. Children’s Marketplace is for under 18 and Adult’s Marketplace is for 18 and over.

SpareTime LearningHub®

This platform helps to educate children between the ages of 13 and 16. It covers many subjects. Thus, through the SpareTime Learning Hub, they can contact other children of the same age to discuss their educational problems. It’s an opportunity to gain additional knowledge and solve problems.

SpareTime Global®

We develop Sparetime Global Site to give solutions to all your problems at easy reach.